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Hey I know you! You're lost and you don't know what you want out of life!

I can help you sort that!

Find your purpose
Live your passion

Step into your Light with Vicki Browne 

& Embrace your Future Because I Know how to help you work out what you want & get it!! 


Coach, Therapist, & kick-ass mentor 

I know how it feels to be directionless, scared and not sure what to do to move forward and that's why I can help you! 

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I help women who have lost themselves, their purpose & direction to find clarity on who they are, what they want out of life and work with them on how to get it

Find your life Purpose

Lets unlock and find your passion. Then lets step into it!

Gain absolute Clarity

What do you want out of life? It's okay if you are confused and you don't know. You may have all sorts of questions in your head but let us sort through it all and get that clarity!

Get Confident & Improve your Mindset

Learn to live instinctively from a place of confidence and positivity. Banish those automatic negative thoughts that stop you in your tracks!

Smash Self Limiting Beliefs

Stop letting the beliefs of others or your own limiting stories affect you!
It may be your worth, your money mindset, your self-belief but whatever it is that you have that is no longer serving you it has to go and we will overcome it!

Fall in love with yourself

Tired of repeating the same cycles in relationships? Fall in love with yourself so you are the authentic you & your relationships benefit


Work with Me Step into your Light

There are a few ways to work with me. If you are not sure which is the best option for you schedule a free no-obligation clarity call and we can talk it through. This call is bound to be one that helps you - it is my gift to you.

Breakthrough Session

Have something to sort through but you just want a one-off session to thrash through with a supportive person who will help you see the wood for the trees then this is for you! These sessions are ideal if you are usually so confident and positive but life is just feeling a little harder right now.

Step into your Light Programme

Work with me 1-1

I will take you gently but firmly out of the state of feeling lost, overwhelmed and lacking clarity to finding your purpose, confidence and to the life you love to live. This is the best option for those who have been stuck fast for too long and are ready to take life to the next level

Join my Tribe

Join my free Facebook tribe, come in get to know me and connect with people just like you. I share tips and tricks on finding yourself, your clarity and your purpose. Here you will find news of my group coaching coming soon and my online workshops!


My Story

Trusted & Intuitive Qualified Life Coach & Therapist

So often we know within ourselves that something isn’t right but we are unable to identify what is wrong, we are too lost to instigate the change we need.
This is often because we are accepting labels, beliefs or living lives that aren’t aligned with who we are and we end up worlds away from where we wanted to be.
Step Into Your Light and Truth helps you take that step emotionally, spiritually and physically out of overwhelm and confusion to clarity and understanding of your purpose and where you need to be.
As a multidisciplinary fully qualified therapist  I use my 10+ years’ experience to offer you a straightforward and no BS approach to get to the centre of you and rediscover your core truth to find clarity on your purpose, dreams and desires. I must warn you a side affect of working with me is a massive shift in mindset, confidence and self belief! 


“A Clear Vision, Backed By Definite Plans, Gives You A Tremendous Feeling Of Confidence And Personal Power.”

Brian Tracy 
Able to help you achieve it Vicki Browne!


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