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So often we know within ourselves that something isn’t right but we are unable to identify what is wrong or we are too lost to instigate the change we need. 

This is often because we are accepting labels, beliefs or living lives that aren’t aligned with who we are, or what we want. We end up worlds away from where we wanted to be. 

When I worked out how to Step into my Light 

  • I found my passion 

  • I embraced it was okay to live my passion

  • I created a winning mindset 

  • Found Confidence I didn't know I could have

  • Became part of a relationship that is amazing loving & kind

  • Strengthened my connection with spiritual and soul self.

  • Started to create my dream life and live it


The Secret of Change Is to Focus All of Your Energy, Not on Fighting the Old, But on Building the New




Connection - Support - Change


Reach your soul's hidden desires

Establish your goals, what you want in life, hope to achieve and through life coaching lets get planning and take action.

We need a plan and destination to keep us driven, engaged and inspired in our lives. 

Specialising in soul purpose, mindset and business start-up coaching I can help you with a plan to get from where you are to where you want to be.

I use a unique blend of support, encouragement and kick-ass coaching to make sure that you are truly being the best you can and heading towards that which you deserve and love to create harmony, happiness and purpose within your life. 

Hypnotherapy & NLP

Change that is easy and lasts!

With hypnosis and NLP you can change many aspects of your life in a short space of time very easily. A wide range of applications these incredible therapies can help with everything including fears, phobias, emotions and habits.

Hypnotherapy uses an altered state of consciousness and focused attention to achieve a heightened state of awareness that allows information to bypass the conscious into the subconscious and direct changes in emotions, thoughts and behaviours

NLP sessions help you to understand your thinking, behaviours, and emotional states. We then use your unique map of the world, and primary representational system (PRS) to make deep changes

Step Into your Light Package

Whatever has happened and no matter how much of a hold it has had on you now is the time for us to let it go and stop it from affecting your future 

Find your purpose and gain Clarity

What do you want out of life? Together let us discover clarity your soul & life purpose.

Improve your Mindset & Increase your Confidence like never before

Learn to live instinctively from a place of confidence and positivity.

Smash Self Limiting Beliefs

Stop letting old beliefs or those of others affect you!​

Fall in love with yourself & others

Fall in love with yourself to increase success and happiness in relationships 

Sister Services

Committed to Helping your Grow & Thrive

In the about section, you will have discovered the unique aspects and parts of my experience, training and journey and about the other work, I love and do.

My passion for spiritual guidance, teaching meditation, yoga and spiritual development can be explored at my Spirit of the Bluebell Spiritual Awakening, Yoga & Meditation site.

A specialist sector of my work through Still Fun Sober Support, I offer a service full of support guidance, and therapy methods to help people who have been affected by living with someone with an addiction to get back in control of their life and reestablish balance, and happiness.


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