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I offer a no BS straightforward approach to help you gain clarity, find purpose and lead the life your heart desires...

Overcome a Lack of Purpose

Unlock your passion & step into it

Gain absolute Clarity

What do you want out of life? Lets find it!

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My Story

Trusted & Intuitive Life Coach

So often we know within ourselves that something isn’t right but we are unable to identify what is wrong, we are too lost to instigate the change we need.
This is often because we are accepting labels, beliefs or living lives that aren’t aligned with who we are and we end up worlds away from where we wanted to be.
Step Into Your Light and Truth helps you take that step emotionally, spiritually and physically out of overwhelm and confusion to clarity and understanding of your purpose and where you need to be.
As a multidisciplinary fully qualified therapist  I use my 10+ years’ experience to offer you a straightforward and no BS approach to get to the centre of you and rediscover your core truth to find clarity on your purpose, dreams and desires. I must warn you a side affect of working with me is a massive shift in mindset, confidence and self belief! 


“A Clear Vision, Backed By Definite Plans, Gives You A Tremendous Feeling Of Confidence And Personal Power.”

Brian Tracy 
Able to help you achieve it Vicki Browne!