Release the sadness, fear and anxiety from the trauma and wounds of the past relationship. Step free from the trauma bonding, gas lighting and confusion caused by the narcissistic behaviours.    

Leave behind limiting beliefs take back your power

Stop looking to others for validation, living in a state of fear or with a sense of loss. Overcome the past relationships hold over your sense of who you are and what you are capable of and take back your power.

Re-gain your confidence and start to rebuild your sense of self worth. 

Trust in your own goals, dreams and desires. Learn to trust your own judgement and intuition once again.

Develop the skills, techniques and know how to have balanced, happy relationships with clear boundaries. Learn to trust, love and get excited by the future you have to look forward to. 


 Work with Me Step into your Light  

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Step into your Light

know how it feels to be anxious, scared and have the wounds of the past holding you back.

My superpower is helping women to get over the trauma, of a narcissistic relationship to regain their self-confidence, to have happy and loving relationships in the future! 


And that's why I can help you!​

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Let go of past relationships - mentally break free 

Re-gain your confidence Improve your Mindset 

Learn to trust your intuition and Love again

Schedule a free no-obligation clarity call 

This call is bound to be one that helps you - it is my gift to you.

Group Coaching & Support  Sessions

In  a small and intimate group of ladies, we will work together using therapeutic techniques and mind therapies to overcome the traumatic experience of being married to a narcissist, 

This is ideal if you are wanting to build your support network and be part of a group environment to rid yourself of the past.

We will overcome the mental confusion caused by reward-punishment tactics. I will teach you how to put yourself first.

We will work on your confidence, ability to trust, overall mindset,  love and you will believe in yourself once more. 

We will use in session and solo between session work for you to be able to overcome the past, lean into the future and live the happy life that you deserve.


Our work together will be via video call

Over twelve 2-hour session 

You will have soul tasks & a private support group between 

As a unit we will help you overcome and rebuild! 

1-1 Step into your Light Transformation Package

I will take you gently but firmly out of a state of fear, sadness and loss. Together we will overcome the traumatic experiences of the relationship using a range of therapies and mind therapy techniques.


We will rid you of the confusion and self-doubt caused by the gaslighting, trauma bonding and narcissistic behaviours of your ex.  

We will work together to rebuild your self-confidence, restore your mental ability to make your own choices, decisions and opinions.


You will learn to love, trust and accept yourself and your own intuitive judgements once again. 

We will look to the future to create balanced, healthy and loving relationships so that when you feel ready you are open to love and be loved again with clear boundaries. 

Our work together will be done via video call

Over twelve bespoke to you 90-minute sessions

You will also have soul tasks & support between

Together we will rebuild your life! 

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What People Say

A true earth angel...a soul saver for those with a complete loss of self. I know I used to be one. I can honestly say after a lifetime of trauma, a complete sense of abandonment, repeated negativity and self-sabotage with Victoria’s help I’m starting to feel like me again. The blend of verifiable therapy is key to unravelling the individual nature of each of our problems and having been around the block trying all the shop doors, finally, I’ve tapped into a goldmine. Bless you 💓