Coach, Therapist, & kick-ass mentor 
I  know how it feels to be directionless, scared and not sure what to do to move forward.
My superpower is getting people to change their mindset, helping them to overcome the past and to regain their confidence to spring forward! 
And that's why I can help you!
Let go of the past

Whatever has happened and no matter how much of a hold it has had on you NOW is the time for us to let it go and stop it from affecting your future 

Find your purpose & gain clarity

Don't know who you are and what you want anymore?
Let's find you! 

Unlock & discover your purpose and passion.

Then step into it and live it!

Smash self-limiting beliefs

Let go of beliefs that hold you back!
Know you can be successful 

Feel enough - good enough! 

Have an empowered, confident and can achieve attitude.

Improve your Minset & Increase your confidence

Have naturally positive thoughts! 

Live instinctively from a place of high confidence 
Fell happy and good with who you are!
Feel empowered on your path


 j Work with Me Step into your Light 

Schedule a free no-obligation clarity call  

This call is bound to be one that helps you - it is my gift to you.

Breakthrough Session

Have something to sort through and want a one-off session to thrash it through with a supportive person who will help you see the wood for the trees then this is for you!

This is ideal if you are usually confident and positive but life is feeling a little harder right now and you need to get back on track or if you are stuck moving forward in an area of your life because of your mindset.

A 2-hour session 

(can be taken as two 60 minute sessions)


1-1 Step into your Light Transformation Package

I will take you gently but firmly out of a state of feeling lost, overwhelmed and lacking clarity to find your purpose, confidence and to the life you love to live.

Whatever has happened and no matter how much of a hold it has had on you now is the time for us to let it go and stop it affecting your future.

Over twelve 90-minute sessions

You will have soul tasks & support between

Together we will transform your life! 

£1550 or 6 monthly payments of £260 



A true earth angel...a soul saver for those with a complete loss of purpose. I know I used to be one. I can honestly say after a life time of trauma, a complete sense of abandonment, repeated negativity and self sabotage with Victoria’s help I’m starting to feel like me again. The blend of verifiable therapy is key to unraveling the individual nature of each of our problems and having been around the block trying all the shop doors, finally I’ve tapped into a goldmine. Bless you 💓

— Natalie

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