©2020 by Vicki Browne Step into your Light.

And suddenly just like that, I realised who I was, what I wanted and that the only thing standing in my way all along was me...

After years of living driven by fear, haunted by a childhood of hurt and pain,  upset and disconnection in my relationships,  misdirection and a constant need for external approval

I went deep inside to find myself.

I trained in over 16 mind, body and soul therapies,

Worked out how to Step into my Light 

Found my passion 

I Live my passion

Created a winning mindset

Found Confidence I didn't know I could have

Became part of a relationship that is amazing loving & kind


Created a way for you to do the same!! 

I can help you to become the person who is in their Light

Free of the past, loving the present and excited by the future.

Physically, spiritually and emotionally you will be in line and shinning! 

Coach, Therapist, & kick-ass mentor 

I know how it feels to be directionless, scared and not sure what to do to move forward and that's why I can help you! 

Get your free guide to moving forward in life & love when you least feel you can! 


I can help you...

Let go of the past 

Whatever has happened and no matter how much of a hold it has had on you now is the time for us to let it go and stop it from affecting your future 

Find your purpose and gain Clarity

What do you want out of life? It's okay if you are confused and you don't know. You may have all sorts of questions in your head but let us sort through it all and get that clarity! We can work to discover your soul & life purpose.

Improve your Mindset & Increase your Confidence like never before

Learn to live instinctively from a place of confidence and positivity. Banish those automatic negative thoughts that stop you in your tracks! Step into your true self, believe in what your intuition tells you and love the person that you are

Smash Self Limiting Beliefs

Stop letting the beliefs of others or your own limiting stories affect you!
It may be your worth, your money mindset, your self-belief but whatever it is that you have that is no longer serving you it has to go and we will overcome it!

Fall in love with yourself & others

Tired of repeating the same cycles in relationships? Fall in love with yourself so you are able to be your true self in your relationships and finally get with someone who treats you how you want to be treated! Know your worth and don't be afraid to be open to love!  


Work with Me and Step into your Light

Schedule a free no-obligation clarity call and we can talk through where you are in your life right now

and where you want to be.

This call will be one that helps you even if we don't end up working together - it is my gift to you because I genuinely care and love to help people!